Best Non-Medical Services in Kolkata

They need time. They need company. They need support. That's where we step in.

Non-Medical Services

Ever wondered what it would feel like to lead your life all alone in your old age when your children might be slogging with deadlines in some faraway land? Well, that’s what your elderly parents might be feeling right now when you have no time to squeeze out and spend with them. It could be just a morning; they are waiting to have a walk with you in the nearby lane; or they are secretly craving a pleasant birthday surprise from the child they have brought up with so much love and care. But a hard-earned career in a distant city might not allow you to do this little bit for them.

Here’s where caring hands can step in. We can fill in that void in your loved one’s life with all the warmth, love, care, and attention that you could have given them if you were here.

Our non-medical services include

Accompanying morning/evening walks, playing cards, reading out books / newspapers, visit together to religious places or travel destinations, helping with technology/social media, companion service to doctor visits/relatives’ places/ social functions

Explaining medical reports, insurance documents, prescriptions, official/legal documents, helping draft replies, or connecting to relevant personnel of the said industry

Grocery and general Shopping, banking, salon visits, post offices, pension drawings, household amenities assistance like cooking gas oven, electrical maintenance, plumbing, gardening, cable connection and Wi-Fi

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or other social / festival celebrations, even when the rest of the family is not around

Prescription pick up and medicine delivery.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided from Sanitized kitchen in sterile containers

Reliable and safe car rental arrangement for general commute or emergency

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs for quick answers about our Non-medical services in Kolkata

Our companions accompany seniors for walks, card games, reading, religious visits, and even provide tech assistance.

We explain medical reports, insurance papers, prescriptions, and even help draft responses when needed.

It involves celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, ensuring seniors feel cherished, even when family members are not present.

We arrange reliable and safe car rentals for general commutes or emergency situations, ensuring seniors can get around comfortably.

Our services include assistance with tasks like cooking gas oven usage, electrical maintenance, plumbing, gardening, and setting up cable connections and Wi-Fi.