Best Medical Services in Kolkata

From constant monitoring to attending health issues- the elderly need utmost care.

Medical Services

The Best Medical Services in Kolkata It’s not just caring and companionship; senior citizens need medical care from time to time.

The young members of the family residing elsewhere, mostly in a different city or even country, often go helpless when medical emergencies occur.

Caring hands Elder Care offer strong support in these times of trouble and worry and take control of the situation till the family members arrive in person. We also offer to take care of the everyday medical needs of the elderly and act accordingly.

  • You can rely on us to ensure your loved ones receive timely and attentive medical care.
  • Our services cover day-to-day medical needs for senior citizens

Our Medical Services in Kolkata include

Monthly or quarterly check-ups by Geriatric specialist/ general physician

Doctors consulting over video conference

On-call ambulance 24/7

Nurses/Aya (both night and day shift), Yoga, Physiotherapy, Massage services

Consultation from a licensed nutritionist, customized meal plans 

  • Overnight emergency assistance, hospitalization and security arrangement.

  • Equipment Support – Arrangement of medical apparatus and therapeutic equipment like Air mattress Hospital Beds, IV stand Infusion Pump, Oxygen concentrator, Bi-pap, C-pap, Wheelchairs

  • Critical Care Assistance – Assistance in Dialysis and Chemotherapy

Diagnostic tests sample pickup and report delivery, regular blood pressure and blood glucose check-up, catheterization, IV, dressing, injection, and incontinence management.

Counselling/ therapy from licensed practitioners