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A group of enthusiastic youngsters aiming to care for and support those, who have been caring and supporting us since birth.

Established in 2022, our agency works 24x7 to provide all sorts of medical and non-medical support to senior citizens.

Our services starting from as low as Rs. 500/-

Care for those who cared for us

We are here to take care of your loved ones. From their everyday needs to the sudden requirements – let us hold those frail hands, who have raised us with love and care.

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Sudden needs? We are there.

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Caring Hands- The safe and trustworthy hands that will hold you with care. From the moments of despair to the days of happiness- we will be right there beside you.

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Why this move

In course of growing up, quite a few heart-touching real-life scenarios made us feel the need of standing by the aged generation with a whole lot of care, love and attention.

What we are doing

Our team is providing medical and non-medical support through a vast network of verified, trained and certified caregivers. We ensure that your old parents/relatives/loved one gets the best possible care right from the moment you connect with us.

We believe

All it takes is a little bit of positivity to do your bit!

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Some frequently asked questions

Busy schedules and staying away from often prevent people from taking care of their aged parents and relatives. Here’s where elder care agencies can help you at. They can not only take care of their medical and non-medical needs, but also give them the much-needed emotional support.

Aged people usually require both medical and non-medical support. Their basic need revolves around healthcare requirement, mental health related needs, emotional wellbeing, personal safety and security, fulfilment of everyday needs and financial security.

Remember these few tips to take care of the senior citizen when you are away:

• Create a support system of neighbours as well as friends and relatives nearby, who can help them out.
• Arrange for regular medical check-ups.
• Hire someone to give them company, assist them in trouble and accompany them in outdoor work.
• Keep a check on their mental health and emotional wellbeing.
• Get someone to assist them in understanding important documents.
• Arrange for home delivery of everyday items and medicines.

Most of the senior citizens being frail and less confident in going out alone, mobilization support is the most requested service in elder care. In this case, the caregiver agency provides someone to accompany them for outdoor errands, visits to places or trips to their children’s city. In case the aged person is confident to travel alone, pick and drop facility is another comfortable alternative provided by the agency.

The elderly people face these 4 major problems:

• Physical problems arising from health issues
• Emotional problems like loneliness, depression and nervousness
• Cognitive problems leading to difficulty in comprehending documents
• Social problems like ill-treatment or harassment