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Best Elderly Care Services in Kolkata

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Best Elderly Care starting from as low as ₹500/-

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24/7 Assistance

Our round-the-clock service ensures that help is always available, no matter the hour.

Expertise and Experience

Our team is composed of trained professionals, ensuring top-notch elderly care tailored to individual needs.

Comprehensive Range of Services

From medical check-ups to mental health support, our wide array of services ensures that all needs are addressed under one roof.

Affordable Care Plans

High-quality care shouldn't break the bank. We offer competitive pricing with transparent billing, ensuring value for every penny spent.

Our Senior Care Packages and their price list

Best Elderly Care Packages Under ₹10,000

Custom Elderly Care Package - Holistic Support

  1. Outdoor Errands Assistance: Offering comprehensive support for grocery shopping, banking, salon visits, utility bill submissions, and other essential errands. – ₹500 for up to 120 minutes.
  2. Conversation & Companionship:
    • Morning/evening walk companionship or playing card sessions, aiding in tech/social media or reading books/newspapers. – ₹500 for up to 120 minutes.
    • A visit to religious places, doctor visits, relatives’ places, or attending social functions together. – ₹1,000 for up to 180 minutes.
  3. Household Amenities Assistance: Help in managing and organizing essential household services like plumbing, gardening, electrical maintenance, cable connection, and Wi-Fi. (Actuals + Management Fees to be considered within budget)
  4. Communication & Comprehension Assistance: Support in understanding medical reports, drafting replies to official/legal documents, prescription pick-ups, and connecting with industry personnel – ₹500 for up to 120 minutes.
  5. Nursing & Medical Care:
    • Nurse (ANM) support for a complete 12-hour duration, ensuring utmost comfort and medical care. – ₹1,000.
    • One physiotherapy/yoga/massage/meditation session to promote physical well-being – ₹600.
  6. ECG Monitoring: An ECG test conducted at the comfort of the senior’s home, ensuring heart health is optimal – ₹900.
  7. Online Health Consultation: Direct consultation with a geriatric specialist or general physician for health monitoring and advice. – ₹1,200.
  8. Mental Health Support: One online/offline counseling session to address emotional and mental well-being – ₹800.

Total Cost: ₹9,500

This curated package provides a balanced mix of outdoor assistance, companionship, household support, and medical care to ensure that the elderly receive comprehensive care tailored to their needs. All these come under a budget-friendly price tag of ₹9,500, ensuring both quality care and cost-efficiency.

Medical Senior Care Package in Kolkata

  1. Nurse (ANM) Care: 12 hours of personalized nursing service, ensuring the best care at the comfort of your home – ₹1,000.
  2. Attendant Care (Female): 12 hours of assistance, ensuring all daily activities and needs are met – ₹650.
  3. Physiotherapy Session: A rejuvenating 45-60 minutes session to ensure physical wellness and mobility – ₹600.
  4. Health Monitoring: Comprehensive monitoring, including Blood sugar, BP, pulse, heart rate, sp02, respiration, and temperature – ₹500/session.
  5. Online Dietary Consultation: Tailored advice and meal plans from a licensed nutritionist to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet – ₹1,500.
  6. Online Counseling Session: Mental well-being is as crucial as physical health. Engage in a therapeutic session with a licensed practitioner – ₹800.
  7. Online Geriatric Specialist Consultation: An online consultation with a geriatric specialist to monitor and advise on overall health – ₹1,200.
  8. ECG at Your Place: A home-based ECG test to monitor heart health and ensure peace of mind – ₹900.
  9. Dressing and Catheter Charges: Essential services for those who need them, ensuring hygiene and health are uncompromised – ₹650.
  10. Monthly Rental – Normal Bed: Ensuring comfort and ease during rest and recovery – ₹2,500.

Total Cost: ₹9,800

This package offers an all-rounded approach to elderly care, combining both health and comfort. our goal is to ensure the utmost well-being of our seniors without overwhelming the pocket. Choose this package for comprehensive care at an unmatched price.

Essential Care Package - Comprehensive Assistance

  1. Daily Outdoor Assistance: Facilitating daily tasks with support in grocery shopping, bank visits, utility bill payments, and other critical outdoor errands. – ₹500 for up to 120 minutes.
  2. Engaging Companionship:
    • In-house engagement with activities such as card games, book readings, or assistance with modern tech and social media – ₹500 for up to 120 minutes.
    • Dedicated companion service for attending social events, doctor’s appointments, or family visits. – ₹1,000 for up to 180 minutes.
  3. Household Amenities Management: Seamless handling of key household tasks from plumbing to gardening and Wi-Fi connectivity. (Actuals + Minimal Management Fees to fit within the budget).
  4. Guided Communication Support: Assisting in interpreting medical reports, managing insurance paperwork, medication delivery, and liaising with key professionals – ₹500 for up to 120 minutes.
  5. Essential Medical Care:
    • Skilled Nursing (ANM) for a complete 12-hour period, providing medical oversight and care. – ₹1,000.
    • A dedicated session of physiotherapy or meditation, promoting holistic health – ₹600.
  6. Vital Health Monitoring: An at-home ECG procedure to ensure cardiovascular health – ₹900.
  7. Dietary Guidance: Customized dietary consultation with a licensed nutritionist, ensuring a balanced diet tailored to individual needs – ₹1,500.
  8. Mental Wellness Check: A counseling session to support emotional health and well-being – ₹800.
  9. Thoughtful Care Gesture: Celebrating special occasions or festivals to keep the spirits high (Customized Package + Minimal Management fees to remain within the budget).

Total Cost: ₹9,800

This Elderly Essential Care package emphasizes the daily needs, mental well-being, and medical requirements of seniors, all bundled within a modest budget of ₹9,800. It’s the perfect blend of daily support, medical supervision, and emotional care, ensuring that the elderly experience a holistic care regime.

Non-Medical Senior Care Package in Kolkata

  1. Outdoor Errands Assistance: Get complete assistance with grocery shopping, banking, salon visits, the post office, the pension office, and utility bill submissions for ₹500 (120 minutes).
  2. Indoor Conversation and Companionship: Enjoy the company with activities such as morning or evening walks, playing cards, reading out books or newspapers, and tech assistance (500 for 120 minutes).
  3. Household Amenities Aid: Get support for home-based amenities like electrical maintenance, plumbing, gardening, cable connections, and Wi-Fi. (Charges as per actuals plus nominal management fees.)
  4. Specialized Companionship: Experience companionship for religious place visits and essential appointments like doctor visits or social functions—1,000 (180 mins).
  5. Assisted Communication and Comprehension: Assistance in understanding medical reports, picking up prescriptions, understanding insurance and official documents, and more —500 (120 mins)
  6. Nutritious Meal Plan: Relish a hearty, balanced meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) prepared in a sanitized kitchen and delivered in sterile containers. (Charges as per actuals plus minimal management fees.)
  7. Thoughtful Care Celebration: Let’s make special days even more memorable by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals. (Customized package + management fees)
  8. Mobilization Support: Safe and reliable car rental arrangements for general commutes or emergencies (charges as per actuals plus management fees)

Total Budgeted Cost: ₹2,500 + any additional actuals and management fees

Note: For specialized requirements, like the “Companion Service to Vacation, which starts at ₹3500 per day, you can customize the package further according to budget and needs.

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Some frequently asked questions

Any service marked “actuals” means costs vary per usage, but our management fee is already included in the package price.

Absolutely! We’re flexible to adjust services to best fit the specific requirements of your loved ones.

Our package offers outdoor assistance, companionship, medical care, and household management, all tailored for seniors.

The package is designed for monthly usage, but frequency adjustments are possible based on requirements.

Absolutely! We can adjust services to fit individual needs while staying within budget.

Our package offers outdoor assistance, medical support, and companionship services tailored for seniors.

Absolutely! All staff undergo rigorous emergency training for seniors’ safety.

Our caregivers receive specialized training for dementia and Alzheimer’s care to ensure compassionate, effective support.

No, we offer flexible packages to suit short and long-term needs.